Our Favorite Carrier Oil

One of the best skincare oils has to be Sweet Almond Oil. It’s the base of many of our products because it’s just that great. Here are 4 reasons why we love it!

Reasons Why We Love It!

  • Lightweight - Sweet Almond Oil is lightweight and silkening. It’s not greasy and leaves your skin soft and smooth. 
  • Nourishing - This oil nourishes the skin by locking in moisture and supporting the skin barrier. Chances of Sweet Almond Oil clogging your pores are slim. 
  • Accessible - Sweet Almond Oil is pretty easy to get your hands on. It can be found both online and in stores, as well as in multiple sizes. 
  • Multi-Use - This oil is multi-use in that it can be used all over the body and with different products. Sweet Almond Oil can be used on dry lips, in body scrubs, on top of lotions, and more. 

  • Almond oil is an amazing ingredient in skincare. Its role as a carrier oil comes with many benefits such as skin protection and hydration. Despite how you choose to use it the results can lead to healthier, more soothed skin. 

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